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Jody's Note:
My Ice Series is just what it sounds like, Cold As Ice! The Magnum Holographic Flashabou I use flashes & sparkles in the water giving it a life-like pattern    making it a huge profile bait.

Ice Series

Price each: $22.99


These lures feature two #8 huge hex blades, for which I have personally hand picked nine custom catching colors. These blades give off a large amount of vibration in the water. My blades are painted on the front side only, by doing this the Muskie or Northern sees the blades front side while the nickle back side gives off an amazing flash.

Give my new Ice Series a try, I'm sure you will be pleased with any of these custom painted lures. And remember, you are buying a custom painted Muskie lure at the most reasonable price money can buy. Good Luck & Tight Lines!

Color Name
Black Ice
Chartreuse Ice
Copper Ice
Fire and Ice
Fuchsia Ice
Gold Ice
Pink Ice
Silver Ice
Yellow Ice


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